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Next-Level, Transparent Sports Betting

The Web3 Revolution in Online Gambling

PEPEBET offers a user-friendly, transparent, and fun betting/gaming platform where we focus on the needs of our community. We offer market-leading features, no house cuts for token holders, and staking as well to those who want to passively earn and be a part of the PEPE ecosystem.

Provably fair, licensed games
Fast & Secure Protocol
Zero house fee while betting with native tokens
Community-powered tipster competitions
Betting with a social twist...

What are Tipster Competitions?

PEPE.BET offers a brand new way of sports betting: social tipster competitions. Instead of betting on fixed odds, you can join a tournament with other participants and bet on exact results and more (such as top scorers, top fragger in an e-sport game, etc.) and earn points depending on how close you were. Players are collecting points and the final standing decides the top tipsters, who will receive a share of the prize pool. You can join PEPEBET tournaments, others' private ones, or start your very own competition and contend against others while earning your own "house cut". Exact gaming rules and mechanics will be released in a whitepaper and FAQ page soon.


Step 1: Foundations

We are laying the foundations of our ecosystem. Our initial goals are to build a little community with whom we can develop our brand and platform together. We are launching the PEPEBET token while developing our first game - Tipster competitions & sports betting - which will be released soon after the token launch. We aim to bring attention to our project and get listed on major token tracker sites such as CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

Step 2: The fun begins...

This is where the fun begins! After we succeeded with the first steps of building our frog empire, we are rolling out our first games: traditional sports betting and our original community tipster competition. All our games will be provably fair so we can apply for an appropriate license to operate legally. PEPEBET will be listed on minor centralized exchanges as well after our DEX launch. We will start distributing token holder rewards and build a referral system so even YOU can be the house! We will add more traditional games (such as Hi-Lo, and roulette) and PVP too (such as coinflip and jackpot) with NO house fees if you wager PEPEBET tokens.

Step 3: Frog invasion

The next step is the staking system. We want to give back something to our loyal members so we redistribute 50% of our income into the PEPE staking pool. At this stage, we are going to be listed in large centralized exchanges. As soon as we acquire a worldwide gambling license (preferably from Curacao or Cyprus), we are implementing well-known slot and live games from the most reputable providers.

Step 4: World conquest

Do we open a physical casino? Or are we going to be the next big sponsor in Formula One? Shape the Future! This is a ballpark estimate of our long-term goals, of course, during the development these plans can change. Don't be afraid to share your voice and shape the future of our platform! We will launch PEPE.DAO where our holders can use their voting power to decide what is next.

Join forces with PEPEBET

Earn with us!

Did you know, that apart from playing and winning, you can earn safe passive income several ways on and If you have a large community or friends with similar interests, you can set up your own tipster competition and earn the house cut yourself! If you prefer yields, you can stake your PEPEBET tokens, because we are sharing 50% of the house income with our holders.